"Catalogues production" specialises in product information management for direct marketing needs.

By adapting to each client’s product information management methods "Catalogues production" provides fast, up-to-date services.

Two co-operation methods:

  • Management by "Catalogues production".
    "Catalogues production" manages services according to client’s needs.
  • Management by client.
    "Catalogues production" creates an Internet browser based tool, which allows clients to manage services independently.

Services benefits:

  • No mistype errors;
  • Fast adaptation to different languages;
  • Updates within a couple of working days;
  • Low human resource commitment;
  • Service customisation according to client’s needs;
  • Fast new product introduction to market.

PDF catalogue

Catalogue PDF file preparation, containing clients requested product information.

Two types of PDF files:

  • For printing – high quality file made according to all printing requirements.
  • For on-screen viewing – optimal size file made for fast on computer browsing, with active table of contents and links.

Benefits and features:

  • Possible last minute data changes;
  • Preparation within a couple working days;
  • Personalised product catalogues according to end-clients preferences;
  • No outdated information;
  • Due to fast preparation no need to print large quantities;
  • Fast revision process;
  • Fast correction implementation.


Online catalogue

An internet based catalogue with website integration options and customised search engine. The catalogue is adapted for computer, tablet and smartphone use.

Benefits and features:

  • Online store functions;
  • Customer registration & authorisation through email;
  • Different pricing lists for different customer groups;
  • Integrated multiple payment and delivery method options;
  • Automated order/ invoice forming;
  • Favourite function for visitors;
  • Visitor history reports and preference analysis;
  • Automatic newsletter sending to clients according to their favourite products;
  • Optimised search engine;
  • Stock indications.


Mobile catalogue

Application based catalogue for IOS and android operating systems.

Benefits and features:

  • Fully operating product catalogues on mobile devices;
  • Convenient browsing;
  • Offline service;
  • Updates connected to internet;
  • Integrated search engine;
  • Favourite functions.


Catalogue managing system

Catalogue management tool, providing control over selected services.

Benefits and features:

  • Fast new product introduction to market;
  • Independency from third parties;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Browser based (no additional software);
  • Can be used on multiple devices at one time;
  • Customisation according your needs.

Managed services

Commercial offer preparation
  • Fast personalized offer preparation;
  • Correct information in commercial offers;
  • Saves sales managers time;
  • Commercial offer history;
  • Adds value to company image.
Catalogue PDF generating
  • Unlimited catalogue PDF generating;
  • Product selection, positioning options;
  • Product data updates;
  • Specialised product catalogue creation;
  • Promotional content insertion in-between products and product groups.
Online catalogue
  • Product portfolio updates;
  • Product promotion options;
  • Client administration functions;
  • Visitor preference viewing;
  • Client analysis reports;
  • Clicking history.